Sales Tips For The Advanced Business Development Manager

Whether you are an advanced account manager or a new business acquisition specialist, there are certain techniques and sales methodologies that will inevitably help the revenue generating numbers of a more seasoned sales professional. Despite the fact that, in the back of their minds, many know these techniques, they fail to implement them.Inevitably, this failed tactical implementation often leads to less deals closed and the potential to miss quota. Below, you will find some more advanced business development and closing techniques that will help the members of any sales force increase their client hits and go well beyond their assigned quotas.Do Your Research, Then Do More Research
As a mid to senior or even business development sales representative, doing the proper research on your target client is of the utmost importance. Too many professionals spend a lot of time and energy to gain a meeting with a target client, and then go into the in-person with little to no company and industry research completed.This is one of the main separators between the average and the successful, heavy revenue generating business development representatives. Many companies and their respective employees don’t have the time to explain their business upon meeting any prospective sales professional. Therefore, they expect the business development professional to come equipped with their homework completed and with questions already set.The basis of selling is asking the right questions and uncovering what the key needs of the client are. This is quite difficult to do when the sales representative knows little to nothing about the company and their prospective industry.Listen, Then Speak
The most effective sales professionals listen more than they speak. The average sales representative will go into a prospective client meeting and do their “pitch” hoping only to hit one of the darts that they are throwing at those sitting on the other side of the table.Instead, if the sales representative actually listens to the prospect, upon speaking they will know the right words to say and can easily pair the solutions that they have with the needs of the client.Get The Client To Commit
Too many sales representatives put together great presentations and have great meetings with the client only to leave the further steps uncertain and in the air. Obtaining commitment is one of the key details that a sales representative must do. Therefore, instead of simply shaking hands and leaving the meeting, the sales representative should follow a set sales pipeline and get some sort of set obligation from the potential client.This pledge can be something as small as another phone call at a specific date or as big as having the potential client ink the contract. Either way, commitment on the client’s side is key to a successful sales call for the business development representative.Dress Like The Prospect
One of the biggest persuasion factors in both sales and in life is similar dress. Therefore, it is imperative that the sales representative finds out what the prospect(s) is going to be wearing – whether it be business casual or a suit and tie. On the sales representative’s side, this can be via a quick call or email to the prospect. This is just as key as the aforementioned tactics.